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Empowering Adult Learners in Lamont County


Community Adult Learning Council, Lamont County, is a community based organization funded by Alberta Skilled Trades and Professions and Lamont County to promote and provided access to adult foundational learning opportunities in literacy, numeracy, basic digital skill, skills for learners and English language.

CALC Board is a committee of Lamont County (our legal host) governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Lamont County community members who have a declared interest in adult learning.  The Board consists of individuals residing in the communities throughout Lamont County,  namely Andrew, Bruderheim, Chipman, Hilliard, Lamont and Mundare.  The Board also includes selected officials that represent our county: a councilor from Lamont County, Bruderheim and Mundare.

Together we work in close collaboration with our partners and funders to achieve our vision.

"Communities where all adults have the opportunity to achieve their potential,

and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life."

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To inspire lifelong learning, advance adult literacy and foundational learning programs, and strengthening our communities.

Our Core Values

  • We are an adult-centered learning organization.

  • We offer foundational, non-credit learning opportunities

  • We offer welcoming, caring and safe spaces to learn

  • Compassion, respect and confidentiality are central to all we do

  • Community partnerships are important in ,meeting the needs pf adult learners


Our Strategic Partners

Alberta Skilled Trades and Professions

Since the late 1970's, the Government of Alberta has supported community-based adult learning across the province.  Through the Community Adult Learning Program (CALP), Advanced Education invests approximately $18 million each year to support the delivery of adult literacy and foundational learning, professional learning for staff and volunteers of grant recipients and other initiatives that foster community adult learning in Alberta.


As a key component of Alberta's adult learning system, the Community Adult Learning Program supports a network of organizations to deliver part-time, nonformal literacy and foundational learning opportunities to adults.  CALP's vision is to change lives through adult foundational learning in connected communities.

Lamont County

Lamont County has been approved by Advanced Education to act as the legal administrator for CALC and receive a Community Adult Learning Program grant on our behalf.  As Lamont County employees, CALC staff have access to office space, meeting rooms and storage space.  They also have computer access and use of office equipment, with consultation on administrative matters as needed. 


Further to that, the Community Adult Learning Council Board as a committee of the Legal Host, is responsible for delivery of adult literacy and foundational learning programs, along with the development and submission of three-year grant applications and annual reports

Lamont County, Alberta
Alberta Government Community Adult Learning Program
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