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Board of Directors

CALC programs create meaningful changes to learners lives.  As a committee of Lamont County, the CALC Board of Directors, is primarily guided by volunteer community members.  These volunteers, together with representation from elected officials, are additional connections to your communities.  Each Board Member has a declared interest in adult learning and literacy, and supports CALC's adult-focused programs.  

Learners are often motivated to learn for the benefit of their family as well as themselves.  Their confidence and skill-level is enhanced when they utilize the tools and strategies offered during their learning journeys  We as a Board celebrate when learners are now able to help their young children with reading or school practice; when they find the job more suited to their enhanced interest level; or, they are more confident and prepared to pursue further learning.  Meet our board and their connection to CALC.

2021 - 2022 Community Adult Learning Council Board of Directors.

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